About us

Vexer is a small civil engineering firm located at 653 W Main Street, Suite 103 in El Centro, CA 92243.

Mission Statement

Vexer aspires to provide efficient efforts to create a sustainable financial and timely budget for all construction projects. Create measurable goals for designing a balance between what the stakeholders desire and the governing agencies requirements.

Vision Statement

Providing excellent services exceeding our clients' expectations and recognized regionally through:

  • Building Client Loyalty. Generate a loyal customer base via full integration by absorbing all client-driven needs.
  • Adopting Optimal Engineering Methodologies. Deliver superior, valuable, flexible, cost-effective, and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the latest design, construction, local codes and standards across our project portfolio. Solutions come from incorporating the construction process, the construction codes, the design implementation of plans, a financial budget and a time management function to create synergy.
  • Empowering Effective Corporate Communication. Develop collaborative communication networking channels to inspire and mobilize all Vexer resources at hand to reach out for their full potential.
  • Endorsing Proactive Planning. Design the blueprint for future development and secure sustained strategic repositioning to effectively maneuver rapidly fluctuating regional and local market conditions.